Wednesday, 24 June 2020

I will find a title

And I will find something to write about. Like the fact that I THOUGHT I had gotten all of my summer clothes out from storage. But I don't think I have now. However, as the temperatures are only going up this week, I am so NOT going back to look for them. Because it would mean going in deeper and it being hotter. 

Or I could write about Miss Oswin who decided on Monday night that she was perfectly fine where she was thank you very much and didn't want to come in. She spent the night outside and then when she came running in at 7.30 in the morning, she went to her food bowl and then straight up to the wardrobe in my room to sleep the day away on top.

The parentals came home yesterday. They had had a nice time at the hotel. They visited some things in the area (even Germany) and basically enjoyed themselves. When they returned they even took some baking soda and baking powder back for me. Over here you can't get it, where they were it was in plentiful supply! Oatmeal cookies!!

Other than that: not much. The contract hasn't arrived yet. The Norwegian details haven't arrived yet or have not been dealt with yet, so still no unemployment pay. Rain will arrive this weekend when I am planning to celebrate my upcoming birthday (thank you Debby by the way), so that is not so nice. And that's it. I still haven't found a title though, so it will have to be the title it is now.


  1. Hari OM
    What's in a name, it's the character that counts! &*> YAM xx

  2. Miss O just needs some space sometimes. And not oatmeal cookies in the offing!

  3. I'm glad you parents had a nice trip.
    Ms. Oswin...did you break curfew by staying out all night?

  4. You're welcome! Hopefully the rain will stay away. Glad your parents had a nice time and brought you the supplies you needed. Outside all night!!! Weren't you worried about her? Hope your contract arrives soon.


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