Tuesday, 9 June 2020


Goodness me, another week has flown by And it has been busy as well. Because last week there wasn't one entry in my diary, but two!! I had to be really careful, otherwise I might have become stressed out.

The first entry in the diary was the hairdresser. What a joy to have my hair cut again. Then on Thursday I was to collect my new uniform. I have already ordered the new uniform that is to be worn from December onward, but between now and then I will need the current uniform. 

Playing the fool in 2015
On arriving there were a few others waiting as well, so we sat down in the coffee area and had coffee/tea and chatted. Then it finally was our turn. Unfortunately there were no trousers that would fit me, so I will continue wearing my own. I have done for years now and I have never had a complaint. 

The shirts had to be one size bigger than what I normally wear and the jacket was downright ridiculous. Snug around the waist, but with my hands hidden well within the sleeves. I mean well within the sleeves. With the winterpart on as well, I look like a little girl dressing up in mum's clothes!

Swords in the stone, Stavanger, 2017
On Friday it was my turn to cook and I made a moussaka. It was good. I went for seconds and so did my dad, which says enough I think. On Saturday my brother and his family were due down and I decided to make gnocchi. Fortunately I had my mother to help as it was a big job. Bigger than last time as I then made for 3, this time I had to make for 8.

They all enjoyed it though. Being a bit cautious for the first serving and then going back for second (fuller) servings. That counts as a success in my book. Even the mushroom one was loved. Which for me is brilliant as I hardly taste my food and definitely not mushrooms. So my mum was called in to taste and say when it was seasoned enough.

And now the new week is already two days old. And during those two days we have been working hard. I have new carpet in my room and so do my parents, but my mum needed new carpet in her hobby room as well. So, that came out yesterday and then I (foolishly) said the walls might need painting. My dad didn't think so, but me and my mum got to work yesterday to do her room and then today the few bits she really wanted done. 

The rest of this week is empty as yet. But that doesn't mean I don't do anything. I walk about 2 km a day. Not much, I know, but I have to start slowly again and not overdo it. I have also lost some weight, not much yet, but enough to feel I am doing the right thing. 


  1. Hari OM
    So many positives in this post - hoorah! Okay, so the uniform maybe only a half mark, but still, at least you are in the right direction, as you say. Oh, and fathers having seconds from one's cooking - definitely an A+!!! YAM xx

  2. Good for you for moving your health in the right direction. I should follow. Really, I should.

  3. Wow, you have been so busy. Great way to pass the time! Glad your meals have been a hit.

  4. Getting back into the swing of exercise and activity can be a real challenge. Good for you on the weight loss. I have lost a bit, too. With the challenges of the reinforced opening into the stomach slow and small bites are the order of the day. Takes an hour to eat little more than a half cup.

  5. We bet you are anxious to be able to get back to work finally even if it has to be in improperly sized clothing. Those dinners sound delish!


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