Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Step 3 and it's not easy

The painted sloping ceiling with the brown trusses/beam
After the snag with the wall, I got going again and pretty soon the whole room looked nice and off-white. Well, the walls. Next thing on the list was the sloping roof. But only between the trusses. Apart from the awful job of taping everything up so I wouldn't spill paint here there and everywhere, it was easy going.

Then I was off to the DIY store. Early in the morning, before the rush, because everybody is redoing their homes at the moment. It took some walking around and some questions to one of the people working there, but in the end I came home with two pots of paint. An ivory one and a blue/grey one. Because the next job were trusses and beams which I would do in blue/grey.

The side that is mostly done, only the top beam still needs painting
I never meant for the paint to cover completely. I only wanted the wood to be lightened to a nice degree, but still show through the paint as well. I think it worked a treat, even if it looks somewhat rustic. It was hard going as you are working above your head a lot of the time, which is so tiring for muscles in arms and shoulders (hello headache!).

I finished most of one side on Tuesday and then today I decided it would be easiest to do the ceiling in ivory first. Any paint spilled on the beams was easier to cover with blue/grey than the other way around. 

No, it is meant to look like that!
Did I say the sloping roof was hard? Compared to the ceiling that was easy! Because the ceiling was really hard. Really really really hard! It is a lowered ceiling, but I can reach. Well, half way through I was already fed up with it. Totally and completely and I still had half to do. I decided that for that part I would use the steps. That made it easier, but not nicer. 

The result however was exactly what I was after: a white-washed ceiling. You can still see the wood grain, but it is much lighter than it used to be. Tomorrow I will continue with the remaining beams and trusses, as my arms are protesting a great deal right now. 

Such a difference. Also note the wall behind the bed: perfect!
The job after that will of course be the carpet. The carpet that is in now needs to be removed. While there is (heavy) furniture in the room. Then a new carpet needs to be picked. It will most likely turn out to be sand coloured or something. My mum saw one she thought would look quite nice. And then it needs to be laid. Hopefully in a not too distant future!


  1. Hari OM
    OH, Mara, what a difference already - this alone will be a great mood-lifter for you (if not necessarily a headache-lifter!). Can't wait to see the completed item. the place looks already so much bigger with all that light and pretty paintwork (so expertly applied &*>) YAM xx

    1. Hey, it takes a lot of expertise to apply paint in a haphazard manner! ;)
      I was hoping to continue today, but the builders are doing something to the chimneys creating a lot of dust. Paint and dust don't go together. Although I could be sandpapering the wardrobes as they need a bit of an overhaul as well...

  2. It is looking great but heck that is a lot of work and definitely a challenge.

  3. Maybe you could turn this into a new occupation. :)

  4. Great looking, bright and light!


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