Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Moving along

2012, Drenthe, Netherlands
Even though it is lovely to be home doing nothing, nothing also means nothing. No money coming in, no people to meet. Nothing. 

I sent another email to the temping agency people about work. Great to see they will contact me, but it is quite vague and as the bus company doesn't deal with me directly (everything through the temping agency), I need answers. I will need a criminal record check which has to be negative (ie no criminal record) and I need a medical before I can start driving. The medical is easily done, the check might take a bit longer. 

I also decided to check my health insurance status. I have one! Last week I got a letter stating they couldn't insure me because I wasn't registered. I thought I would get a letter saying I was registered, but so far I am still waiting. However, if I do have the insurance I think I can assume I am now registered. Still with me here?

Health insurance also means something else: doctor! So, this afternoon I will be registering myself at the local surgery. I also asked for a double appointment with my doctor to be, so we can go through the medication I use and the physical and mental problems I have had over the past six years. 

Not quite there yet...
Anyway, other than that, not much going on. Yesterday I tried to find some things I would like to use at home, but alas: unless I want to move a washing machine and a drier stacked on top, no go! Although I did see some mittens that were easily accessible. When I am wearing my summer coat and still huffing away because of the temperature!


  1. Hari OM
    Well, at least the mittens are handy for any sudden return of winter... YAM xx

  2. Good luck on the work side of things! Hope you hear something soon! Hugs! Annster's Domain

  3. You'll get there Mara, these things take time but I nose how you feel, its like waiting fur TREATS, they seem to take furever butt they do come eventually
    I will cross my paws and hope things speed up fur you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Your nothing is certainly a waiting game. That's not fun!

  5. Sometimes having nothing to do is the perfect thing! Hopefully things will get moving along again soon.

  6. For everything there is a season. A season of rest for a bit.

    1. Until I get stuck in work again. Perhaps you're right. I have never had a year out and I don't want to take one now, but a couple of weeks should be okay.


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