Monday, 9 March 2015

The watersaga

Remember the watersaga? About the waterpump, the septic tank and even about the broken pipe in the kitchen while my mother was here. 

They came to measure the kitchen so they could fit a new one soon. The pipe was fixed and then last week they came to get water to get it tested. The results would be back in about 7 working days. So, I was quite surprised when I talked to the landlady on Friday and she told me (quite urgently) not to drink any unboilt water! Since the lab had gotten back to them (only a few days!) and told them they already saw way too many bacteria that shouldn't be there! 

The landlady even told me it might be wise not even showering! Because of the wound and all! Great. I don't know what the lab had said about that, but she was most adament. 

In other news (well, same subject really), the toilet is playing up. The water keeps coming and coming and coming. The only way to stop it is to turn off the pump, which in turn means no water at all. Mind you, I'm not allowed to drink the stuff anyway, but having to go down to switch the pump off and on everytime I need the loo....

Ah well, soon I will be connected to the communal water supply, the septic tank will be sorted and I will have a new kitchen. 

Life is great in the country!


  1. Fortunately the bacterias didn't harm you yet ! You are still alive. But better of course is to be careful. When we moved into our house in 75 we also had a septic tank and after only 3 years we were finally connected to the communal water. For that they had to open the whole street to put pipes in. What a mess that had been !

  2. Hari OM dat are horrids.... here's the thing though; ever since the main water in Sydney had E coli 20 years ago, I have developed the habit of boiling and jugging my drinking water... Clearly your septic tank is too close to the water supply and there has been seepage. yeeecchhhh..... YAM xx

    1. I am more inclined to think that the sheep roaming in the fields surrounding the house and the cattle shed on the top of the hill are more to blame than the septic tank. Either way I hope it gets sorted soon. I will be so happy when I will be able to just turn on the tap and have drinkable water again!

  3. Ah, septic tank joys! And boiling water before even bathing. Remember those days as a child, too. Country life is still wonderful.

  4. Sorry about the water issues. Make sure you boil your water!!! It will be awesome when it is all sorted out and your will have a new kitchen. Can't wait to see pictures.

  5. Well...there are some drawbacks to living in the country. Hope it all gets fixed soon.


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