Wednesday, 4 March 2015


The original plan for me was to have both the uterus and both ovaries and other assorted equipment removed. Once they saw that one ovary was actually still fine, they decided to leave that one in. Especially since there was no cancer. It also changed the treatment I would have afterwards. Originally I would need hormone treatment to keep me from being menopausal at once and keep me from developing more problems like cancer, cysts or whatever. Now however...

Because one ovary was left in, I would not get menopausal. Which in turn would mean no hormones. But. There was a severe case of endometriosis. And in order for that not to come back any time soon (hopefully never), I would have to take the anti conception pill for the time between now and the natural menopause. With a little twist though. The first month would be different. Because only two days after coming out of hospital I had an injection that would effectively stop the workings of the ovary and throw me into early menopause! Albeit for a month only.

Well, it has hit! Last night as I was watching television I was throwing off my blanket, pulling it back on, throwing it off again etc etc. Two more weeks and then I will start on the pill. And hopefully my body will go back to 'normal'!

PS: thank you to Yamini for the inspiration of the title. And the cartoon which I loved and used here. Mainly because I have been drinking so much apple juice lately!


  1. That's what I never had, heat waves when I was menopaused. Actually I had nothing except depressions, and that was even worse and I lost a lot of my hair which never grew back. Hormon treatment didn't help, so the doctor stopped to prescribe me any.

  2. Hari Om
    You're welcome! And when the REAL DEAL arrives, you know who you can call on for lamentations!!! YAM xx

  3. Oh my! Well I hope the pill regulates you and the menopause hot flashes stop. This is quite the journey you are on right now.


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