Monday, 2 March 2015

On my feet

After two weeks of sitting at home, occasionally getting out to go to the shops/pharmacy/doctor's, I was getting quite bored. I even wrote about it last week! Since then I have gotten a bit more used to it. Today I needed milk and bread and stuff and I got in touch with one of my colleagues who came and picked me up. And she uttered the words: shop or do you want to go to work? Well... why not work?

So, I ended up at work. Where I was able to talk to colleagues, have a little laugh and basically see something else than just the beautiful view from my living room window! After that she took me to the wool shop (we both needed knitting needles), the supermarket, the pharmacy and the flower shop. We had a little lunch and then she drove me home. I must admit that I was tired by then. A lot more tired than I had thought! 

Not even half an hour later, I found myself with a new coffeetable. Last night a colleague came by with pizza and he offered me a new table. Or basically a table, since I was still using moving crates! It's a nice coffeetable, a bit higher than the crates I used before and a bit bigger as well. But it looks nice and it certainly holds a lot more stuff! As long as it's not too small: it will fall through the gaps in that case!

I am on the move again!!


  1. Nice table, and the price was right.
    People who are recovering from surgery always expect to be able to do more than what they actually can. Even Lindy...she climbed up onto the sofa last night, 15 minutes before we intended to turn off the TV. So I left it on because she was asleep with her head in my lap and I didn't dare move until she woke up. Lindy is a darlin' dog, but you are smarter than she is... your new table might be smarter than she is when it comes to doing and not doing after surgery... so you take it easy for a while longer. Do something easy... put cat treats on the new table where they'll fall through the holes, and then watch Oswin chase them. Fun, but won't hurt you.
    Hugs from us.
    K, D, and L

  2. Glad your one the move and I love the coffee table!

  3. Hari OM
    Kay is onto something... then again you might bust a gut laughing at her confusion.... hehehe, 'tis a nice table though... how wonderful to get out and about; I got the father out yesterday, but of course he spent the rest of the evening snoring on the couch. Hey ho... continue recuperating! Hugs, YAM xx

    1. I was happy to be tired because I was happy to be out! I have to start doing something at some point, otherwise I will still be useless after my sick-leave!

  4. Glad you are being able to get out some. Cabin fever is rampant in many part of the US due to all the ice and snow. Cool table. After knee surgery I was required to work up to walking a mile by the end of 4 weeks. Of course the mile was not all at once. I calculated the distance from my bedroom to the other end of the house, about 100 feet when I made a circuit across the bedroom, down a hall, across the living room into the dining/kitchen that connected back to the hall to the bedroom. I started making the loop 5 times every time I got up for any reason. By the third week I was getting my mile in over the day. I should do that now or just walk down the hall to the exercise room and use the treadmill. Best wishes on your continued recovery. Hope you have some new knitted pretty to show in an upcoming post.

    1. I have told myself I need to get out and start walking. Not the complete round yet, that would be way too much, but up to the church and back. Although last time I did that I was exhausted in the end. Perhaps only up to the farm and back. Or perhaps going the other way. The main problem is the fact that the road will go down and up! Which is hard enough when okay, but not too good when not okay!

      As soon as I have stopped reading again, I will knit and tell!

  5. That is nice that you could go out a little and see other "wallpaper" !
    The table looks very nice !


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