Monday, 16 March 2015


Always a trial to go to the hairdresser's
I have always considered myself a bit of a cry-baby, because of a very low pain threshold. When others wouldn't feel a thing, I have a raging headache. When others sit in the hairdresser's chair and without any problem have their hair combed and pulled and such, I flinch and try to get away. Needless to say perms are out of the question. When somebody tries to stick a needle in me, I tense up and want to jerk my hand/arm/whatever else away.

However, when I do get a headache, I don't go running to my gp, I don't call in sick, I take a paracetamol and go to work. The same happened when I started having pain in my leg. I didn't know what it was and even though I did go to my gp in the end, I didn't skip a day of work over it. When the pain in my stomach started, I took more pills, but still kept working. 

The pain got worse, I finally got myself to my gp, who finally got on my side, sent me to have tests and then to the gynaecologist. After nearly a year since I first got the pains and aches I got the operation to remove the cancer (which I didn't have) and then the endometriosis (which I did have). Apart from the operation lasting longer than originally thought, it all went well. 

The pain was there, but managed beautifully by epidural and pills. Getting up was painful, lying down was painful, walking was painful, heck even doing nothing was painful. I was glad I had the medication I got, everything from morphine based to paracetamol. The pain wasn't about to go away that fast either: I got an infection in one of the worst places, swelling the area, stretching the skin with the staples still in. More pills, this time antibiotics.

The epidural was taken out after only a few days, the morphine pills were stopped after two weeks, the antibiotics lasted until early last week and on Friday I decided that enough was enough: no more paracetamol. No more pain killers. And since then I haven't needed them. Yes, I know it's early days, but I think the pain is gone. It is of course still sensitive to the touch, but it doesn't hurt anymore. 

Fly away pain! And STAY away!!
Goal 4 of this year has been met! I got rid of the pain.


  1. Hari OM
    this requires the raising of flags... or at least some bunting and a cracker or two... what a great box to have ticked! YAM xx

    1. I can start saving lots of money now as well: no more pills to buy will mean extra holiday money!

  2. What a blessing this is. Praying it continues to stay this way!

  3. Good for you! It is frustrating to have to convince health professionals there is something to be pursued. It is equally good when the problem is finally found, repaired and one moves toward no pain! You do not look pleased to be getting a new do!

    1. The most difficult bit was to convince others of something wrong, when I didn't even know there was something wrong. At least, not that wrong!

      I am never too happy in the hairdresser's chair, although that time was okay enough.

  4. Hope you now have the energy to go for one of the more enjoyable activities on your Bucket list.

  5. So you prefer to suffer and not listen to your body, than going to the doctor ! Fortunately I don't care about needles or whatever, but I also wait until the last minute before I go to the doctor !


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