Friday, 20 March 2015

Oh wow!

I was due to go on a course on Wednesday and Thursday. All the way in Bergen. And do you remember where I had my operation? So, putting two and two together and reaching three four, I thought it might also be a good idea to have my check-up in Bergen. I would be a little late for my course, but I had given notice of that. 

The colleague who dropped me off at the hospital dropped me off at the main entrance. From there I had to make my way to the women's clinic. Quite a way away, so I walked. I then waited at the women's clinic until it was my turn (had to wait a bit extra), but was then told I was completely fine, the scar looked great and yes, if I wanted I could go to the sauna or the swimming pool, as long as the scar wouldn't be in the sun. 

Then I walked back up to the main hospital and took a taxi to the hotel. Where I spent the rest of my day listening and participating in a course. When the course had finished for the day we needed to find a place to stay. The hotel we ended up in was in walking distance of the hotel we had our course in, so off we trotted. We needed dinner of course. So, we had decided to have dinner in the hotel. Which turned out to be so expensive and such a one sided affair (fish and wine), that we decided another restaurant was in order.

Another restaurant was to be found in the center of town. I felt fine, so we decided to walk. And of course after dinner we walked back. Now, I will admit I am not in the best of shapes. After all, I have been convalescing and getting rid of pain and such. But once I was back at the hotel I was absolutely pooped. And the next day wasn't much better. My leg muscles were screaming and because I hadn't had a great night, I wasn't very rested either. So, getting through the day was a bit of a challenge, but I managed in the end. 

I was very glad to be home again though. One more week of convalescing and of getting back in some semblance of shape, so I won't be too tired after a day of work. Fortunately because it's the Easter holiday, I have an easy week to start me off: two days of work, then two days off, one day of work and then two days off again. But I had better start walking again!!


  1. That's always the same as soon as we feel better we easily can overdo it ! The body doesn't follow ! At least you had a nice excursion and until you start work again, stay quiet !!

  2. Hari Om
    It was inevitable... that you would hit that 'wall' at least once! At least you were enjoying yourself in the overextension of your powers. A little jaunt out each day now, and a little more each day is definitely they way. LITTLE I said... Oh those crocuses are beautiful... YAM xx

    1. Well, if you don't do something for a long time, it is easy to be absolutely knackered after a short walk. Because they were fairly short walks and normally there wouldn't have been any problem at all!

      Purple crocuses from my own garden!

  3. Well, good for you Mara. You have a strong constitution. But take it slowly and steadily.

  4. Glad your check up went so well, now you have to be patient and get back to your fitness level slowly but surely.

  5. That schedule sounds perfect for your first week back. Glad that everything went well at the doctor and your scar is all healed.


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