Saturday, 28 March 2015


For days I have been checking my bank account now. Every day I checked to see whether any more money had arrived. And every day I was seriously disappointed. I knew how much money was due to come in, I had after all gotten the letter from the Social Security people, yet no money appeared.

Today I got another letter, stating how much money I had been paid, how much taxes and such. At the bottom it stated where (website) I could find when the money would arrive. But for some reason I didn't go there. Instead I got back to the first letter. And looked it over. Properly this time.

Oh my Grrrrrrrr. Really? Could I have been that blonde? Could I have been that stupid? Well, apparently I could have. Since I got the letter four days ago and could have had the money around the same time. If only...

If only I had read it properly. Which I obviously hadn't. Because I thought that since Norway is such a civilised country with such good internet banking and such, the money would be paid into my account. Alas. That was not how it works. At least not for me this time. 

I got a letter with a little bit attached. Normally it would be the to-pay bit, this time it was the to-be-paid bit. Which I have to fill out and take to my bank! And obviously haven't done yet and today the banks are closed. Monday will be my first option. I had better get in touch with my landlady!



  1. Why do they make it so difficult? If it is sick pay is it not possible for them to realise that people may be too unwell to go to the bank!!!!!!

  2. That's crazy, why making simple things so difficult ? Who goes to a bank nowadays to get money back ? It seems they don't know online banking !
    It would probably have happened to me too, these are stone age methods !

  3. This sounds like something that I would do. I am bald though, not blonde. Very similar maybe? :)

  4. Hari OM
    Yes, I rather think that you can be forgiven this mistake, as so much is indeed done automatically now... it does seem odd.... then again, perhaps they know that folk won't go until they are feeling properly well and that extra few days in their account is valuable to them?... who can properly say about the workings of government departments?!! anyway, at least you have definitive 'answer' now... YAM xx

    1. And on Monday I will be depositing it in my bank account! Hopefully in time for the rent to be paid!

  5. Ouch....I don't like when I make mistakes like that. I can be a dumb blonde sometimes. My daughter had the bright idea of sending Cheryl's cookies to her Grandmother (Mark's Mom) and her Grandfather (My Dad) for Easter. She did just that but never gave a thought to the company needing their addresses. They are arriving here at our house which means she had to go back online, reorder them properly and pay again!!!


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