Monday, 14 July 2014

Too comfy

I had a busdriver as a passenger this morning. A coach driver actually. Which made me think about my former life of driving all over the place and working every hour and then some. Coupled with that, Anvilcloud left this comment on my Photo on Sunday from yesterday: "Are you getting too comfortable? Aren't you itching to move yet? :)"

So, how does my life as a public transport busdriver stack up against my life as a coach driver? Especially since the newness has worn off and the humdrum of everyday life has started. Including buying garden furniture and getting a cat. 

Well, the truth of the matter is: I do miss my old life. I do miss the travelling. But most of all, I miss the easy interaction with colleagues. Not having to search for words, but just being able to say all I want to say. Which is easier when it's Dutch or English even. Don't get me wrong: I do have a fairly good interaction with my current colleagues. I have started making jokes that are actually laughed at and don't have to search for words all the time. 

The job itself is of course a lot more boring that my old job ever was. Especially if I do the same lap day in day out, because it's the summer holiday. It can be quite stressful when you are delayed and the passengers can be quite annoying as well. Then again, midnight drives with drunk passengers wasn't really what I wanted either. Nor were the festival, concert or football game goers! 

And then I look at the surroundings when I am driving, especially out of town. And the mountains, the fjords, the water, the sun and the clouds/rain make me appreciate the job a whole lot more. I go home and sit in my living room or on my new furniture in the garden and love it. The view, the quietness, the fact that Oswin can run around in the fields and the only thing that she needs to be afraid of is the horror cat from next door or the curious sheep. Because there is hardly any traffic! 

Am I getting too comfortable? I don't think so. I would need a dishwasher to come even close. And the itch to move? Well, that is another story altogether!


  1. Hari Om
    Two things - firstly - you did a post yesterday??? I went back and looked via the button below and LO! there it was...blogger managed to not alert me. Two other 'pals' have dropped off the radar so I hope the same is not happening here! Nice looking set you got though...and you know I know what it is to live in a place where obtaining such things can be an issue.

    Which brings up the second point; never say never, but nothing wrong at all in having some 'roots'. Sure, it may be mundane in places and tiring in others, but the rewards of living in a place of beauty (as I think you suggest) far outweigh the negative.

    Is it so bad to be feeling settled? YAM xx

  2. I think that's the destiny of a lot of us We all become quieter and settle down, but travelling all around the world that you can do whenever you want to, but coming home into a pleasant home with pleasant surroundings is also nice. Most of the jobs we do get boring after a while !

  3. Of course I am not you but your house, your trips and definitely the area that you live in seems heavenly to me! Glad that the language difference is becoming a little bit easier.

  4. It sounds like you have a pretty good life! I would love to come visit you and see the fjords for myself. However, a dishwasher would make your life even better. ;)


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