Saturday, 26 July 2014

And it continues

On Wednesday
The summer that is. The summer that has no precedent in Norway. At least not in the last 130 years. Did I ever tell you I liked the cold? And that was one of the reasons for moving North? Well, my bedroom is a balmy 20-22 degrees at night. Outside the temperatures go up to about 25-28 degrees. In other words: it is warm. It is summer. 

I spent last Wednesday in my garden. Sitting on my new garden furniture, reading books, wearing a bathing suit, getting sunburnt. The last was not wanted, but it happened nonetheless. Today we had been hoping to do something like going up a mountain while sitting on a trailer pulled by a tractor. Unfortunately we should have booked in advance. So, no luck. Instead I cycled to the supermarket for my bread and then decided to mow the lawn. 

Of course mowing the lawn means getting attacked by every flying creepy out there. Plus with the temperatures being what they are: getting thoroughly drenched. It's a good thing I am wearing so little. And then, when I was trying to cool down a bit (inside), I heard something ticking. And I realised it was raining. Well, no point in wasting good water: I went outside and stood there with my head turned to the clouds getting a small smattering of drops on me. Enough to cool me down somewhat before it stopped again. Short but very very sweet.

I will continue with the lawn today, despite the flying creepies and at some point Pepperfly and Mr Pepperfly will arrive again. And we will relax in the garden. The best way to spend a summer in Norway.


  1. Weather-wise, it seems that this will be a summer to remember.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh the sweetness of a shower in the summer...delicious! YAM xx

  3. Sorry you missed the ride. Lovely yard.

  4. The ride sounds like it would have been fun! Hanging around your house sounds lovely and relaxing out on your patio furniture. Have fun with the Pepperfly's!


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