Thursday, 10 July 2014

The things I have to tell you

24 degrees on the coldest side of the house!
It's an exciting title isn't it? Full of anticipation and such. However, you shouldn't forget the disclaimer that is so often quoted with financial products: results of the past are not a guarantee for the future. In other words, my fun and travel rich past with lots of stories and photos may not be present in the here and now and the future. 

The top photo shows you in any case that Norway can do summer. In fact, the whole month of June was quite a nice month. At least waterworks nice. About 10% of the average rainfall for June fell. Which was not good for watersupplies and such. I have my own well in the garden and have not run out of water. This month promises to be as good as the last. Yes, we finally did get some water. Enough to make the weeds start growing again! But then it was back to the sunshine. This time accompanied by higher temperatures. In fact, yesterday was the first very warm day over here. But not a good day. It was clammy, muggy, icky and yuck. Today was much better, although even warmer. However not as clammy. 

She was panting
Oswin has been a very good girl in coming back when I want her to, so has been allowed out on a regular basis now. Although she doesn't stand the heat that well. She was panting in the shadow today. Yesterday saw something else that she wasn't too fond of. Remember that cat I had in my garden a few months back. A cat that actually prompted me to get Oswin? Well, that cat seems to think that Oswin is invading her territory and not happy about it. In the end I had to take Oswin in, because she was hiding under the deck and feeling very sorry for herself, since the other cat would not leave the garden. Today however, no sign!

The first apples
Work is its usual self. On occasion very dull and boring, other times very entertaining and fun. Like any other job then probably. It certainly is a lot quieter, since it's the holidays. I have been doing the same shift three days in a row now and tomorrow I will do the same shift again. At least I know the routes now! 

I just had to...
My birthday gift has given me a lot of pleasure already, even though it is down time in telly-land. This doesn't mean however, that I am forever going to bed at midnight. Actually most nights this week I have been in bed by 9pm! Partly because of a visiting H, partly because of my leg, partly because of the early mornings. I even missed the semi finals in football. Not that I would have watched it, but that is beside the point. Actually, I had promised that if the Netherlands would make it to the final, I would get dressed up in orange gear as much as I could and see the whole game. Now I don't have to, because they lost the semi final! Aaah....

Anyway, the things I had to tell you were a bit of a mix. I will try to post a bit more regular again, but don't hold your breath. If this lovely weather is staying (and it seems to be for the time being apparently), I might just enjoy myself in the sun!


  1. Hari Om
    ...and so you should!! (You know that sunshine here means get out and play.... which is why I am here pretty much every day &*/) To be fair, it has been a pretty good week, but not warm. Nice little roundup - and how gorgeous is Miss Oswin????? purrrrrrrrrrrrr YAM xx

  2. Agree with YAM, Miss Oswin is a real beauty. Enjoy the beautiful weather which will help those apples ripen, too.

  3. June here was much wetter than usual and didn't seem as hot either. Even now, almost mid way thru July, we haven't had much of a heat wave yet. A few hot days but not that how and not for that long.

  4. I like that she listens to you and comes in, she's a good girl. Looks like a nice crop of apples!


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