Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ambling along

May 2014
 Yes, life goes ambling along. Nothing much happening in the way of work or spare time. Yes, I was off on Thursday and went shopping: cat litter sand and a revolving cat food dish. That way, when I will be away for about three days, every day will bring fresh food instead of Oswin gobbling everything up first day and then not having anything for the remainder (she's like that). Speaking of her: she really has put on some weight since she first arrived. For those of you familiar with Linette: she was that size and feel. She has now changed to halfway Mathilda and Wuppie. 

July 2014
The rest of Thursday was spent doing not much at all. No cleaning or tidying, which means that over the next few days I will have to do so. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, but this weekend is the full working weekend, meaning I work until evening every day! So basically, I shouldn't be typing this now, I should be doing the dishes, or the floor, or the whatever. Mind you, I did do the garden again yesterday. I did it last Saturday, but what with work and friends coming over... Better do it when I have the time!

A photo from last year. The weather is too nice right now to be wearing all that gear!
Not only did I cut the grass, I also cut some branches of trees, especially the trees that don't bother me personally one little bit, but can be quite annoying to the bin men, since they hinder the bins. Besides that, the 60 sign was almost covered which is of course dangerous to road safety. Mind you, anybody doing 60 on this road is more dangerous to road safety than the covered sign, but I am a good law-abiding person and such...

It's not this bad. I think...
As I said, I will be working the weekend. Today will start off with hour upon hour upon hour of the same route. The same boring route as there aren't that many passengers on it. The only saving grace is probably the fact that the views are fantastic, so I will be enjoying those. Although even they start to fade after turn 5! I will be bringing my book though, since there will be plenty of opportunities to read. Actually the reading gets me in trouble occasionally. Not trouble really, it is just that the books are so enjoyable and I forget about the time! And then I am late. Fortunately most of the routes have some extra time in there somewhere and I am usually able to catch up again. 


  1. Hari Om
    ..well as long as you are not reading AND driving... &*>

    At least coming home you'll be welcomed by the divine Miss O; she is quite the 'looker'!!! YAM xx

    1. I actually started driving with a book on the wheel! Oops! But, I put it away immediately and was a safe driver all the time. I hope...

      Oh, and Oswin is very much a looker. She is gorgeous!

  2. A revolving cat dish? Well waddayano?

  3. Ha, there's the pile of dishes! I will need to mow our lawn next week because Ed's schedule is busy. He's usually the one who mows, but I do it occasionally.

  4. Oswin became such a beautiful cat and certainly put weight on ! Who will take care of him when you are away ?

  5. Hope your weekend goes well and the things that need to get can wait!

  6. I'm guilty of reading when I'm at work and losing track of time.


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