Wednesday, 2 July 2014

And the nominees are...

Remember my winning hat from last year? If not, why not refresh your memory and read about it here. Well, I have been thinking about my outfit for this year's Tide Games. We have been given sort of an order as to what we should be wearing (not telling you yet, another secret to be kept from you), but how to go about that. Go orange or native, go natural or completely whacky. Of course you cannot help me, since I am not telling you the theme, but that doesn't matter. 

Mind you, I might not even need the fancy day-time outfit. I will however need a real fancy evening outfit. A new dress of course, I can't be seen in the same dress two years in a row. Perhaps some proper make-up tips this time as well. Because as you may have guessed by the title....

Now, the Tide Games celebrate the staff of Tide, nationwide. Drivers, planners and the like. It chooses its best team, the best planner and then of course all those prices for football, ticket machine throwing and the like. And there is an open class. The open class celebrates the individual driver that has done and is still doing something to enhance the enjoyment in work within the company/department. And I have been nominated in that open class. Since I apparently do enhance the enjoyment in work within the department! 

This is the photo used for me! I think I will have to change it though!
I actually make the photo album with all the photos of all the drivers. At times it is a struggle to keep up: new drivers, drivers leaving, drivers changing teams, but it is good fun and when it hasn't been on the table for a while (while I am updating it), people are forever asking me where it is! And this photo album is the main reason for me being nominated! 

Now I am wondering: should I write a speech? Just in case??


  1. Hari OM
    Be prepared at all times - !!!! 'Fraid the makeup tips will have to come from others though. Not my area at all. And what is this, more mysteries and intrigues!!! Suspension tactics. YAM xx

  2. Those two pictures of you are very different.

  3. Yes write a speech! Good luck and I can't wait to see your new outfit.

  4. I suspect your cooking for folks and general fun attitude has something to do with the nomination, also. At least an outline of a speech if you have certain points you wish to make. But I'd bet you are pretty good at just off the cuff remarks, too.

    1. I only made waffles once. There are others who will bake cakes on a a near monthly basis!

  5. I like this picture ! and of course a new outfit is a must !


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