Sunday, 27 July 2014

Photo on Sunday 2014-22

When in doubt, post a photo of Oswin! She was being taunted so much yesterday by a couple of birds chattering away in one of the trees, that in the end, she decided to investigate a little closer. So, I ran for the camera and by the time I got back she hadn't moved from her spot in the tree fortunately. She never got close to the birds though... 

The best photo of the day was however not taken by yours truly, but by Pepperfly who came over for a drop of tea half way through the afternoon. You can see it below!


  1. Beautiful post, Mara! Thanks for stopping by my Rev it Up post. I have been to Oslo and it's a beautiful place...Christine

  2. How cute ! Bird catching is a nice sport for cats. I have a cat here too she keeps me company when I sit here and blog !

  3. Hari OM
    Hheheheheheheh - Boo! Oswin is surely growing too. What a beauty. YAM xx

    1. I know she is. And she will even come and sit close to me now as well. Sometime! But she loves being outside and since the weather is still quite good, I allow her to do just that.

  4. I dunno about 'best photo.' I think I favour the middle one.

  5. She climbed the tree....that's cool! That is a great shot that Pepperfly got!

  6. That's a good exercise ! How nice that you can enjoy your garden and that it is so warm ! I enjoy sitting in the garden here in Eastbourne too, only yesterday after a thunderstorm it cooled down !

  7. I don't know if I have ever actually seen a cat in a tree, she looks like she could be a zoo exhibit hehe


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