Tuesday 1 July 2014

Once again

It happens once a year. To everybody. Unless you are born on February 29th of course, because then it only happens every four years. I am talking about birthdays of course and yesterday was mine. A day that will forever stick in my memory as 'a not quite there' birthday. 

Yes, I did get congratulated. A lot. Although the first one to do so, congratulated me on the Dutch win in the Football World Championship in Brazil! But, once he had realised it was my birthday, I got a hug as well. Facebook of course was doing its part in getting the well wishers to well wish me. They did in droves. My mother phoned and I was even able to talk to my dad for a few minutes. A colleague had called and I got several text messages. (Both my brother and sister phoned after I had gone to bed)

But, once I got home, the excitement of turning a year older, soon changed to something akin to indifference. No birthday cards were waiting for me (I got one today though, thank you Pepperfly) and I hadn't even bought a gift for myself. 

Don't feel too sorry for me though. Since I might not have bought a gift for me before my birthday, but I got the wheels in motion for the biggest gift I could think of. And today I found out it wasn't even going to cost me an arm and a leg either! Little over half of what I had been expecting. 

Year 43 is well and truly underway and I hope that by next week my birthday gift will be here. I hope Oswin will like it as much as I do. And if not? Tough!


  1. Hari Om
    ...okay, now we're intrigued....YAM xx

  2. Happy, happy birthday! I wish I could bake you a cake! I'm wondering what your present is to yourself...

  3. Hope you birthday gift is a great one. BTW, June 30 was our wedding anniversary, 47 for us. So I am old enough to be your mom. I am not nearly so talented as your mom. Also, failed to comment that was pleased to hear you have someone to keep your German up to speed. May you have many more happy birthdays.

  4. Happy Birthday.....can't wait to hear about what you bought yourself!

  5. Happy belated birthday!


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