Wednesday, 30 July 2014


It took a bit of counting, but we figured last night that we had seen each other five times over the last week. Five times to spend a few hours together. The first of course being the day I picked them up from the airport. It was a hot day and they got their first taste of a Norwegian summer. I left them to their own devices after dinner that evening. 

The second time was on Wednesday. I had opted for a day of nothingness (not counting the laundry) and lounging about in my swim suit. They arrived at some point in the afternoon. She made her way to my spare bedroom to catch up on some much needed rest, he stayed in the garden with me, enjoying the weather and the quietness and the goodness from where I live. A few hours later they left. 

The next time was on Thursday when they took a bus I was driving. One of the longer tours, so we could chat quite a bit. Friday was a free day for all of us. On Saturday however, a few more hours were spent in my back garden. This time by all three of us. Sunday was spent in peace and quiet on both sides of the water. 

Monday saw me back at work with a vengeance and no chance to see each other. But, last night we would have dinner together. So, after work I made my way over to their hotel and shortly after that we made our way to the restaurant. Two hours later we made our way home again. 

This morning Pepperfly and Mr Pepperfly left for home. After a relaxing and surprisingly warm holiday in Norway. Next time we will meet in the Netherlands again. The only downside to that meeting? I am not allowed to take a hammer with me...


  1. Hari OM
    ......HAMMER??!!! (filled with sense of alarm and relief no hammers here either!) That sounds like a worthwhile fiver though. YAM xx

  2. Five times is pretty good for busy people.

  3. Sounds like you had some wonderful visits with them and your dinner looks yummy. I'm not sure I understand the hammer part!!!

  4. Good for you! Nothing like friends to brighten a day. And you had several in a row brightened.

  5. The dinner was yummy indeed! And the holiday was relaxing, fun, exciting, hot (hot!!!) and 'five times Mara', which was relaxing, fun and just wonderful, being able to chat face to face. Debby, I don't want to tear too many walls down in our new house..... And, yes, I know Mara can be very creative, so my walls might not be in any danger, but...well...I'm still not convinced. ;-)


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