Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Where am I going again?

I got an obscenely early phone call (06.45am) this morning. Which would have been late if I hadn't been up to go to work! It was someone from the office making sure I knew I had to start earlier than originally planned. I knew and I was about to get dressed, so no worries. When I got to work, my colleague also told me my shift had changed (I knew!) and he even knew what my new shift was: I had to go to a certain school (The Marking Stone) and do several hither/thithers with them. I looked at my list though and realised it was another school I was supposed to go to (a Montessori school).

I then left the lot, returned, left again, got stuck in traffic and drove straight to The Marking Stone! Well, almost, because I figured it out just in time and could still take the exit to the school I was supposed to be going to!

I have done something similar when I first started my job. I knew I was going to one place, I knew how to get there, when I was asked whether I knew where it was, I told them where it was. And then I drove to a completely different place! I still get teased about it at work!

Sometimes it's just easier to stay in bed with the curtains closed...


  1. Haha, great photo to add to this post.

    First I thought you got an 'obscene phone call, which would have been late if...'. And then I thought: 'that can't be right', and reread the first sentence twice before I noticed the 'ly early'. Duh.

  2. Love your bed. This is just your Valentine's Day bed, right?

  3. I often put my brain in neutral when my car is in drive. I roam around not knowing where I'm going or why I got there.

  4. Right ! some days it's better to stay in bed !

  5. I have had days like that! Glad you got it all figured out in time.

  6. lol so true. This really sucks when it happens.


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