Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I blame it on the parentals!

I spent last Friday night at my parents' place. I had wanted to go on a girly outing with my mother (for the first time ever I should add) by going to the handicraft fair with her. Of course I was late in asking her, since she had already been asked to actually perform her lace making skills there. Since Sunday was out of the question for me to go there (no buses) and Saturday was out of the question for her (funeral, not her own), I decided to spend the first few hours of my holiday at the handicraft fair and then spend the night at my parents'.

Well, it was a good thing I didn't plan it for a whole day, because after only 50 minutes I had seen it all. Quilting seemed to be the flavour of the day, but there were also some cross-stitching stands, some sewing ones and even a knitting one or two. So, I got myself some sock wool and then went back to my mum to wait for the fair to end and my dad to show up to pick us up.

The next day I left my parents again and after having seen the ice in Urk, I made my way back home. And that's where my story starts (forgive me for those first two paragraphs, they are just introduction to the real story). Because as I was sitting at my computer, all of a sudden I noticed I had to blow my nose. And then again. And again. And again. My heart sank like a ton of bricks. Because I now know: having a cold also means sinusitis, which means clogged up everything and massive headaches.

This had nothing to do with my cold whatsoever!
Fortunately I started taking medication immediately. That is to say: paracetamol and steaming at night. But I did phone my parents on Sunday to tell them they had gotten me sick. Of course they didn't think it was their fault, but they would say that, now wouldn't they? Anyway. The cold didn't really get much better, although it didn't get worse either, the headaches stayed managable and my parents were prepared to if not take the blame, at least tell me they were sorry (that's all I ever want to hear anyway).

On Monday my life got worse though. Apparently I had slept funny and I had a stiff neck that radiated pain to my head. So, I phoned my parents again blaming them! I mean, after all it was their fault in getting me that cold in the first place (anyone telling me it might have more to do with me turning into a block of ice on Urk: stop it right now). But, again my parents refused to take the blame and their 'we're sorry for your pain' was said with a definite smirk. I could hear that even over the phone!

Today the stiff neck has abated somewhat, but the cold remained. And I had to go to Norwegian class! I brought a whole box of tissues, nose spray, paracetamol and homeopathic pills and sneezed and sniffled my way through the pronounciation of ski and sky (sounds almost the same), skjaere and kjaere (again, sounds almost the same) and many more. The teacher was impressed with my already quite extensive vocabulary and I was happy to find out Norwegian wasn't as hard as the past few weeks actually led me to believe.

Tomorrow will be another day filled with Norwegian, let's just hope the sneezes and sniffles will stay away!


  1. So, no hello-how-are-you-kisses when we meet please. If I get a cold, my voice disappears for six weeks at least :-0
    Hope you feel better soon and I'm glad Norwegian isn't as bad as you thought it would be.

  2. I hope my husband doesn't read Carolina's comment. He'd love it if my voice would disappear.
    I'm so sorry you're sick.
    I can sure understand about the headache part. I've been snuffly and sniffly and having a sore head for the last while, too. I just want to go to sleep and wake up without a headache.
    Lindy is snoring, but I know she'll wake up because it's two minutes before her lunchtime, and she has a clock in her little dog head.
    Take good care of youself.
    Luv, K

  3. Maybe it won't be too bad and you'll get over it quickly.

    (Stupid Word Verification)

  4. Sorry you caught a cold. Glad that it didn't get extremely bad like last time. So glad that your classes are going well and that your actually learning the language. Way to go!


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