Thursday, 2 February 2012


It's a big step getting married. And even though I have been asked three times, I never actually took the plunge. Mind you, that might have had more to do with the quality of the askers. The first one was an old French bloke who just wanted to have sex. The second one was a very drunk and young Englishman and the third one was also English and wanted to marry me for my money. As if!!!

There are people out there though, who do find the right one. And they get married. She wears a lovely dress, he a nice suit. The family of the bride sit on one side, the family of the groom on the other. The minister or the priest stands in front of them and asks them whether they are absolutely certain they want to do this. If they do, they say yes or I do. If they don't, they are in the wrong place!

When I was in Canada last year, I saw a couple getting married on the freezing shores of Lake Louise. She wore a lovely dress and he a nice suit. There were family and friends and a priest to ask them the question. I think they both answered in the affirmative. If only to get out of the cold and into the warm!

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  1. Not a dress I would have chosen for a winter wedding, but hey, perhaps I'm too practical and not romantic enough. The 'luv' is probably keeping her warm ;-)

    Anyway, talking about marriage, Mrs. Brown's Boys last episode is this Saturday if I'm correct. I really thought it was last Monday, but apparently not. Ah well... :-)

  2. Although we have had some luck with them in this family, outdoor weddings are highly problematic. That one looks like a quick one though.

  3. Lovely piece of writing, Mara. But WHY, why, WHY do people have to get married all the time????????

  4. married-smarried. It's not necessary... but I confess to an old fashioned yearning to be a princess for a day and wear the white dress. Maybe I'll just have a halloween party.

  5. If I think that I am staying with the same man for 43 years I admire myself, lol !


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