Tuesday, 7 February 2012


At work we have a system to see how many hours we have worked and how many hours are still left to do. At first it was during a calendar year, but for some reason, they have changed it to April-March. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

Now, during that twelve month period I, as a full-timer, have to work on average 173,3 hours a month. If I work more than that, it's overtime and they have to pay me extra. If I work less than that, tough! So far, out of the 10 months out of this period, I have had two months with overtime. All the other months have been below. In one instance even a whole week (40 hours) less than I should have worked.

Does it bother me? Well, not so much really. After all, the company still have to pay me, even if I don't work. Which is good. But, early December they cottoned on to the fact I wasn't making enough hours and from then on they made me work. And work. And work. Which resulted in 5 hours overtime for December and 7 hours undertime for January. If I want to break even at the end of March, I will need to do 50 hours overtime a month for the remaining two months! Work that isn't there, because it's the low season.

Ah well...


  1. Great planning by your planning department. And 50 hours overtime a month?!?!?! As if...

  2. Definitely not well planned by whoever is supposed to do the planning.
    Don't try to do all that overtime. You've recently been sick. Your immune system will be run down. Don't push yourself. (I know, I know, you already have a mother.)
    Luv, K

  3. That's a crazy system, but here it's even worse. For overtime you get payed but then you earn too much and have to pay more taxes and in the end you get less than if you don't work at all and are sick ! I always took days off when I had overtime. Didn't happen very often.

  4. I think they should make you wash the buses -- by hand -- until you've paid your 50 hours. ;)

  5. Doesn't sound like you will be able to come out even. Sounds like a crazy plan.


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