Sunday, 5 February 2012

Oh yes!

Out on the lake
After the big frost had started last week, I felt it was also time for some white stuff. And on Friday morning my wish came through, when it started to snow. It didn't snow all day long, but enough fell to make it a bit more difficult to cycle home. I made it though and afterwards I cleaned the path to my doorway before settling indoors for a nice evening in.

My two colleagues
Yesterday I had to work and after having driven through minus 20 (Celsius) we got to our destination. We would have to wait while the children all played, but the outside was beckoning: the weather was downright glorious with snow on the ground, but bright blue skies up above. So, me and two colleagues donned coats, hats, scarves and gloves and went on our merry way through the small nature reserve adjacent to the children's (indoor) playground. Nobody had been there yet and the only tracks we saw, were of rabbits. And then came a little glitch. The path went all around the smallish lake, but that was still quite a long walk. We had to be back by a certain time! So, I suggested we cut across. After all, the lake was completely frozen over!

Skating tracks on the left, walking on the right
Well, we headed towards the ice and with a few slips we managed to cross the lake. We talked to a skater, who had the whole lake to himself, well apart from the ducks and swans that had colonized the one watery spot still left. It was beautiful! And before you think the worst about us falling through: don't worry: the ice was thick enough and held us very well indeed.

By the time we got back to the playground, we were hungry and thirsty and very very hot. It might have been freezing out there, but the sun and the exercise working together, made my face glowing! When I got home at night and had to climb the stairs, I must admit, I was a bit creaky and sore. That will pass though, the memory of a beautiful walk out in Drenthe (one of the twelve Dutch provinces) will stay!


  1. Looks really nice! Were you in Oranje? It is beautiful outside, and surprisingly warm in the sun (out of the wind), but I'm getting a bit fed up with bringing warm water to the furry and feathery critters. Ah well, I'm sure it will be spring in no time. And who knows, this could be the year the Elfstedentocht... etc.

  2. It looks beautiful. A walk like that can really lift your spirits. Our snow fell yesterday and is busily thawing today.

  3. You'll have all of the snow you could wish for in Norway. I have a Norwegian Flickr friend from Norway, and he has posted some fantastic snowscapes frm around Lillhammer.

  4. It was really nice outside, this weekend. I think you were very brave, though, to cross that lake!

  5. It sounds lovely. What a nice way to spend the free time you had. The pictures are so pretty.

  6. We have the same weather but "only" - 10°C during the day. It snowed once and that's it. Although the sun is shining as if payed for, I am paralyzed with this cold. Last year I loved to do long walks, this year I am just lazy !


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