Monday, 13 February 2012


I think it might be time to get some sort of order in my home. Over Christmas I have unpacked several boxes containing Christmas films and it was time to get them back in their boxes. Besides that, I needed to list exactly what was in which box, so that took some time too. Then today I decided to continue with the boxes and see what I had in boxes B1 and B2. Turns out it was Christmas decoration, but before Christmas I bought some more and I now am planning to move to a country with the same type of plugs etc as the Netherlands, so the Christmas lights needed to be put in there as well.

Then of course there is plenty of paperwork that needs sorting and put in folders. Once that is done, my work room should have some sort of order, with the emphasis on some, since I still have over 100 dvd's just sitting there (they're not coming), plus several containers containing knitting yarn, photo albums and Angela knows what else! It will be a surprise.

It's a good thing I am off today and since I have only four more days of work this week before I have two whole weeks off: I am pretty pleased!!!


  1. You are making progress. Moving isn't fun although being moved sure can be.

  2. Two whole weeks off! What a luxurious life you lead ;-)
    Will you be doing something else besides unpacking/packing and just packing? I mean, something more fun?

  3. You sound pretty organised to me. Two weeks should see you thoroughly sorted:-)

  4. And such a cute little helper !
    2 weeks off, great ! I am off the whole year, lol !

  5. Glad your getting organized. That will help with your move. So why are you leaving the DVD's?

  6. Sounds like you are really getting organized. I can't even imagine getting this houseful ready for a move after nearly 40 years. But it will have to be done not too far in the future.


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