Thursday, 9 February 2012


I have always loved snail mail. There's something exiting about receiving a letter (unless it's blue: the colour of all tax mail in the Netherlands) and having to open the envelope to find out what's in it. We used to have red mail boxes. But over the years they changed colour and they are now orange. And since the theme this week is red, there was no point in putting a Dutch mailbox in this post. So, I opted for a British one.

There are many different types of mailboxes: free standing ones (pillar boxes) and ones that have been fitted in walls, some bear the initials of the current queen: E II R (Elizabeth II Regina), others the initials of her predecessors George, Edward or Victoria (GR, ER, VR). But they all have one thing in common: they are all bright red!

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  1. British mailboxes are so much more beautiful than ours.

  2. I still love snail mail. I was most excited to go to London to see the mailboxes and phone booths!

  3. The few old mailboxes we have here in Brussels are also red. Now they are still red but small and hanging at wallls !
    I don't like snail mail, it only brings invoices !

  4. Die is erg mooi inderdaad
    Zie je hier in NL niet he

  5. Ours are also red but maybe not quite as bright.

  6. I like this shot (and the mailbox), very nice!

  7. Ze zijn in Nederland nog te vinden. Bij de SHM in Medemblik en MBS in Haaksbergen, maar niet meer in gebruik als officiële brievenbus.

    P.S. Waarom gebruik jij toch 'Word Verification'? Vind ik lastig. Wij hebben het afgeschaft.

  8. Our mailboxes are blue, and look rather boring. I like this one!


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