Thursday, 16 February 2012


I don't often post photos of my friends and family. Mainly because this is my blog and they didn't ask to be thrown out into the www. But when I realised 'love' was the subject of this week's challenge, there were really only two photos I could choose between. One showed my parents head on, and this one, from behind. In the end I chose this one, as I say: they don't want to be thrown out into the www.

Anyway, this photo was taken two years ago when they invited the whole family to join them during a week in Paris. The reason they had invited me, my brother and his family and my sister was their fortieth wedding anniversary.

This is my sixth entry for Photo Theme for Thursday. Why not join?


  1. That is such a sweet photo.

    Man! Do you have a difficult 'prove you're not a robot' challenge. It's very different from normal and now you have to decode two words. What the...? But I'll try...

  2. That's a cute photo of your parents !
    my "love" post is here

  3. What a wonderful photo, Mara. My parents were always very much in love, so I think you've excellent models for the word "love".
    And you're not the only one with difficult word verification. In fact, I took it off my blog to see what would happen. Hope I don't get a lot of spam because I'll have to put it back on.

  4. Altijd mooi te zien dus geniet er maar lekker van!

  5. Seeing love from behind makes it more genuine. They didn't know the photo was being taken.

  6. Nice touch. We all have different sensibilities as to what is open for posting. I post pictures but not names.

    I do not like this new captcha. I hate it when they make it hard to read.


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