Sunday, 1 January 2012


When I first starting talking of emigrating to Canada, I was still in the middle of a massive debt. I spent more than I earned and it wasn't until I realised that Canada wasn't going to allow me in with a debt hanging on. So, I mended my ways, got rid of holidays and my car and instead of spending I was paying off that debt. But even when the debt was completely cleared I wasn't there yet, because Canada wasn't going to allow me in without any cash to my name, so the next thing to do was save. Still no holidays, still no car, but the savings added up.

Fast forward to last year. I finally had enough money to go and visit Canada and try to find a job there. I knew it was going to be hard. I knew it was going to be difficult. And I was right. It was hard and difficult. And in the end it proved impossible. The job that I was looking for could be filled by some 18-year old Canadian and then the company wouldn't have to go through hoops to get me the work permit. And they probably would be cheaper too...

The day before yesterday I got an email from my agent in Canada. He had sent my resumé to most of the hotels in Edmonton (no result), had given it to people who knew people working in hotels in Edmonton (no result), was now moving onto Red Deer and still had an option in the work camps up north like Fort McMurray. I sent him an email back saying that due to the incredible response of Canadian employers (would this be sarcasm?), my age and the way things are in my current job, I had decided to say goodbye to Canada and hello to Norway. My last professional link with Canada was severed!

So, 2012 will hopefully see me move to Norway asap. Where it's cold. And dark. And they speak a different language. But, that's only in winter. In summer it's warmer. And lighter. Although they still do speak a different language... My other resolution is to loose weight by hiding it somewhere. I just have to figure out where!


  1. Good luck with your ventures, Mara. I hope 2012 will bring your hopes and dreams to fruition.

  2. I am sure it was hard saying good-bye to Canada and the dream you had. ((HUGS)) I pray that 2012 will bring you happiness and a new venture for you in Norway.

  3. May 2012 bring you everything you wish for. And you can always teach the Norwegians Dutch ;-)

  4. I'm sad you won't be coming here... on that note, it's freezing today and when you go outside it feels as though your face is getting chiseled off by freezing rain, but it really is paradise.

  5. We're so disappointed, Mara. We were still hanging onto some last lingering hopes for you.
    It's true it's very cold here, but it's beautiful. This morning we had snow and hoar frost together, a gorgeous sight!
    But, yes, cold.
    Norway, however, will also be cold. But we wish you all the best with your endeavors in that other north place. And we won't visit Norway until you're there.
    Luv, Kay and Dick and Lindy (Lindy won't be able to visit Norway, although she is going to Red Deer next weekend)

  6. Hope you will be more successful with Norway, although I have my doubts, each country for the moment gives priority to their own population. But you never know ! Without hope and being positive it's not a life either !!

  7. A Happy New Year Mara and I sincerely hope your dreams come true in 2012. A x


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