Thursday, 26 January 2012


When I first heard this ‘new’ category, I thought, what on earth could I do that would reflect the word new? And then I spent a night at my cousin’s and her youngest daughter had just gotten a new little hamster. Bingo!

On Sunday morning daughter wanted to hold Rose (the hamster’s name), but couldn’t get her out of the cage, so I volunteered to help. I gave her to daughter, but once Rose started moving around, she didn’t like that too much and handed her back to me. So, she moved around on me, I stuck her in my cardigan’s pocket, she tried getting up my sleeve and daughter kept moving about to keep track of Rose. It was adorable, even if she did bite me (Rose that is, not daughter).

Just one thing to remember: when you’ve had any chocolate sprinkles for breakfast (like I did) and you find one after you handle a hamster, don’t think it’s a chocolate sprinkle. I thought it was a chocolate sprinkle, stuck it in my mouth and realised it was hamster poo. Good thing it was tiny…

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  1. Hahaha ! it certainly didn't harm your weight. Hamsters are so cute, we had guinea pig, it was the boss in the house, even the cats respected him ! Mr. G. called him a "poo machine" he ate and 10 min later it had gone "through".

  2. New is right. I've never seen such a tiny hamster. (I've had two.)
    Chocolate sprinkles, LOL!! Lindy thinks the hamster looks like lunch.
    Love the photos, Mara.

  3. You also have to be careful with the kinds of breads that have little seeds on them.

  4. Eww on the sprinkle!
    Rose is very cute.

  5. Ewww! Cute hamster. You don't look very comfortable holding it though. I'm not a fan of hamsters. They do tend to bite, as you've noticed. I prefer horses. They don't bite (at least not very often) and their poo does not resemble a chocolate sprinkle.


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