Sunday, 15 January 2012


The still good home-made socks by my friend Pepperfly
When do you throw clothes out? When they are out of season? Or when you can hardly see the clothes for the amount of holes in them? I tend to veer more towards the second option than the first. But then again, I hardly buy the most fashionable clothes to begin with, so out of season is usually even before I've bought the stuff. Anyway...

My socks showed some severe signs of being very old. Elastic gone, holes in heels and toes and they all tended to be of a somewhat greyish disposition. So, new socks were in order. Then I needed a pair of new jeans, because the ones I do own make me look as if I am waiting for the high water to come in any second. And to top it all off, new bras would also be good, since I could balance a cup of tea on the underwires in the ones I own. Off to the shops I went.

The first shop I went in however did have nothing to do with socks, bras or jeans. Because I was also out to buy myself a new mobile phone. I have a great one, but contrary to what that really nice guy in Airdrie (Canada) told me, I can't use it in Europe. So, a new one. And a simple one at that. I don't want one with a gazillion gadgets and thingymebobs and mindbogglers. I want a phone with which I can phone and text. End of story. So, I got myself two. At a tenner each not a bad deal I thought!

Then it was off to get some bras. Which is difficult for any woman I gather, but when you don't have the smallest size, don't want any funny colours, need underwires but not too high, it's hard! The first shop I went to dutifully referred me to a speciality shop which were able to help me. It was a good thing they were on sale though, because they cost a lot!

For the jeans I thought I would go to a special jeans shop. Makes sense? Not really, since I am not one of the smallest people (width wise) and even the men's sizes didn't fit. In the end I left that shop without jeans and went to the plus size section of our local C&A. One pair of jeans and one pair of trousers. Bingo!

Fortunately the socks were the easiest. So, I decided to make it a bit more difficult for myself and choose some gloves as well. Since I couldn't make a choice between the two, I bought both pairs of gloves and 10 pairs of socks.

The money is gone again, but I can now wear black socks with little white dots without holes, a comfy bra and a comfy pair of jeans. Bliss...


  1. And the best of it is that you won't have to go clothes shopping again for a long time:-)

  2. Yes, Janice is right, you're supplied for the duration. Good for you.
    I always find it difficult to throw out a pair of socks if one has a hole in it and the other doesn't. If I were smart, I'd buy the same kind all the time and then I'd have spare socks instead of useless single socks.
    I'm sorry the salesperson in Canada led you to believe you could use that phone in Europe. Not good for international relations!

  3. I have socks with a small L and R near the big toe area to point out which sock goes on which foot. Or which foot is the right one and which one the left, which puzzles me every morning. But that doesn't help much when I'm wearing shoes. Anyway. Holes always appear in the left socks. So then I have to make pairs of two right socks. Which makes me even more confused than I already am ;-)

    Comfy bras are a bliss for any woman. To find them is heaven! Same goes for jeans. Hellish to shop for, but if you find some really good ones... yippee!!!!

  4. Reminds me of one hell of a job: buying new clothes myself.

  5. total bliss. I've been searching for a comfy bra my whole life. Almost worth the trip overseas to find that store!

  6. At a minimum I need a new pair of jeans, a winter coat, and new boots. But I hate wasting money on clothes, so at least the coat can wait for another year ... or two.

  7. So why two phones? I do believe bras are way overpriced but glad you got some help finding some. So glad you were able to get everything you needed. Those certainly are necessities in life!


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