Sunday, 29 January 2012


When I wrote about Sherlock a week or so ago, I got a reaction from Carolina, who told me there might be another series worth watching on the BBC: Mrs Brown's Boys. A series concerning an Irish mammy and her children. According to her it was a really good series and since we tend to like similar sort of shows... But then I saw what it was about and thought: no, this is not my type of show. Of course, only reading the blurb doesn't necessarily mean anything and in order to be faithful, I decided to have a little look.

Well, there was a penguin and a very pregnant woman. And there was Mrs Brown herself. She swore. A lot! And it was hilarious! It took all my effort not to pee my pants. Literally!! I wrote back to Carolina saying how much I had loved the show. On Monday she gave me a heads-up about the episode that evening and we got to emailing back and forth about how we would love to see the first series. So I ordered it on dvd. Together with Sherlock and Doctor Who. It arrived on Friday and this weekend I watched Mrs Brown's Boys and Sherlock. I added some tea and cookies and I had a near perfect weekend! 


  1. Well, I like the idea of a penguin.
    Hope you're feeling well. I've been sick since Tuesday with a beastly cold. We were out shopping and I didn't even want to finish, I felt so rotten.
    Dick's been away for a few days and I haven't even been able to walk the dog.
    However, hugs to you from me and Lindy.

  2. We have recently discovered Downton Abbey and are quite intrigued by it.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Now is that a woman or a man dressed up as a woman?

  4. Sounds like a show Ed and I would like! But I've never heard of it...I'll have to see if I can watch it in the US!


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