Monday, 16 January 2012


If anybody out there thinks the only people capable of making good television are the Americans, think again! Because the British know a thing or two about good tv as well. As you may know I love Doctor Who since it's rebirth earlier this century and have watched most episodes at least four times now. But this post is not about Doctor Who, it is about Sherlock as in Sherlock Holmes!

This year saw three more episodes (ninety minutes each) of that most famous of sleuths Sherlock. I saw the three episodes last year and when I found out there were new ones on the way, I could hardly wait. Sherlock is played by Benedict Cumberbatch and his sidekick Dr Watson is played by Martin Freeman (soon to be a Hobbit). It's slick, it's tense, it's funny and at times it's downright scary. It's based on the books by Arthur Conan Doyle, but this series is contemporary and modern. The hat of old came back this season as a sort of in-joke, which was really funny and the pipe has been replaced with nicotine patches and an urgent craving for a cigarette.

I know Martin Freeman especially is going to be busy in the near future (what with being the Hobbit and all), but I do hope they will make another series of three next year. I for one can't wait!


  1. I don't think British tv is as good as America. I think it's actually much superior for the most part. But I'm not sure if I would include the new Sherlock amongst its triumphs.

  2. I LOVE it too! Saw all the episodes this year and last year. Love the way they filmed it; the colours, the atmosphere, the shots. Yep, definitely a favourite of mine too.

    And since we seem to like a lot of the same on TV, you might also like Mrs. Brown's Boys. Monday evening, 22.30 hrs (our time), BBC 1.
    I think it's hilariously funny, but it is sort of an acquired taste perhaps. I'm interested to know if you like it too.

  3. That's exactly the guy I don't like with his Dracula look ! I just didn't like this modernized Sherlock I prefer the classic once, lol !

  4. I love most British TV series and movies. I can't stand all the reality shows be they British or American. I'm with Gattina on Sherlock. In fact, I just commented to my husband last night that we suddenly seem to be getting Halloween all year round lately.

  5. I believe a lot of British shows are wonderful. My husband would like this one!

  6. Wait...there's three more episodes this year? With the way the first three episodes ended, Ed and I thought there wouldn't be any more! We loved the first three.


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