Sunday, 22 January 2012

Scandinavia Fair

I have been to several emigration fairs over the last few years and the answers I got to any of my questions regarding finding jobs in Canada and/or trying to move out there, were always met with: Yes, it is possible, but will be very difficult. So, when I did move my sight from Canada to Norway it was very much because the chances were a great deal higher in Norway than they ever were in Canada. And when I went to the Scandinavia Fair on Saturday, I got confirmation after confirmation.

I had rented a car specially, so I could go when I wanted instead of having to depend on public transport and had arrived just after half past nine. The doors had just about opened when I went in and started my hunt for information. Now, most of the stands were by communities in the country side who are dealing with severe lack of people and are trying to find people to come live in their communities. Then there was the European Job Center (Eures) with its Norwegian, Swedish and Danish counterparts, the Social Security Office of the Netherlands, the Tax Office of the Netherlands, some moving companies, some foody type thingiemebobs and some translation companies.

All in all, there were plenty of stands for me to browse and talk to people. I had taken a few cv's with me, in English, so if they wanted one, I could give them one. I filled out forms, talked to people, got brochures and leaflets, filled out some more forms and was very happy about all the positive sounds I got. There was actually one that said (and I quote): "You are a busdriver and a woman? Twice as good!" The only negative sound I kept on hearing was the fact that I would need to speak Norwegian. Well, you good people of Norway: I am working hard on it, don't you worry!

I left just before three in the afternoon, with a bag full of brochures, a head full of information and a happy heart. To be continued...


  1. I'm pleased about the happy heart, Mara. I'm still very sorry Canada couldn't do it for you, but I'm glad Norway sounds much more positive.
    Keep us posted.
    Love, K

  2. I agree with Kay, hopefully it works. Norvegian has the same roots as Dutch and German, must be not too difficult to learn, I wonder ?

  3. And tired feet no doubt.
    But it all sounds good. Yippee ;-)

  4. This sounds very positive ... as you are very positive about picking up the language.

  5. It all sounds like good news! So glad you were able to go and get a very positive feeling.

  6. Excellent Mara. Sounds like it's going to work out.


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