Sunday, 8 January 2012


When dealing with high water, these windmills of old still do their bit to keep part of the country dry!
It was there! I saw it and Anvilcloud saw it too! But alas, it has somehow disappeared into cyblivion, because it's no longer there! Which of course is extremely annoying. It took quite some time to write it and find a nice photo with it. It was all about the water that has been pounding us from all sides (except the south) for the last few days. How in the north people were evacuated because of the rising water. I even made a little joke about if the dykes were to break in the part of the country I live in, my house would be completely submerged by the water. After all: I leave on the bottom of the sea. Literally! But the post has gone. And only Anvilcloud and I have read that brilliant piece of literature, that you will now never get the chance to read. Which of course is a great gap in your life, I know!

Ah well, since that didn't go the way I had planned it, I thought I might as well do something different and hope this one does come off...


  1. So are you saying you wrote a post that you lost? Are you sure it's lost. I put the wrong date on one once and found it sitting in the year before! So sorry about your weather.

  2. I'm glad I'm living on some sort of hill. Something to do with the Ice Age and rolling stones and some other exciting adventures. Still I hope your house will never be submerged, though.

  3. I was wondering what happened to your Water post. Clicked on it a couple of times, but it never appeared. Ah well... at least we can still keep our heads above water ;-)

  4. That's so sad! Blogger makes me crazy.


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