Thursday 29 December 2011


Well, hello everyone! Did you miss me? I know, I know, I have been away for over two weeks, but I have a good excuse: it was busy. First it was busy with work and I worked all day every day it seemed. It was quite tiring and I really needed the holiday that was coming up. But when work quietened down, it was home life that was busy. I always make the family newsletter and it's always quite hard to get everybody to send in their stories and things. Which is quite annoying, but in the end I had something that looked quite like a newsletter.

When it finally looked like a newsletter, I had to print it out, staple it together and send it to the family! Which was another day's work and finally on the day before Christmas I was finished with that. Earlier in December there had been plans to celebrate Christmas with some friends of mine, but my head was too full with busyness that I decided to cancel that and just stay home. And apart from the one day where I visited an aunt celebrating her birthday, I did just that: stay at home. Go to bed late, sleep in, eat horrid food (do Smarties count as a food group at all?) and watch television.

For the new year, other things are causing my head to be full of busyness: learning a new language, finding another job, moving to another country, it all needs to be placed somewhere in my head and on occasion I feel it might explode.

Anyway, for now it's quietened down a great deal and if the neighbourhood doesn't go overboard with all the fireworks in the next few days, I shall be fine.

PS: if you were wondering what that photo has to do with this post: absolutely nothing!


  1. Welcome back. We are also doing nothing this week. We could have gone to the cottage for New Years, but we have run out of steam.

  2. Happy to read that you are still alive and amongst us ! We spent Christmas in Amsterdam/Ijburg, was a little disappointing. We didn't celebrate as I am used to since my birth ! Doesn't matter, I survived !

  3. Of course I have missed you. Glad you got some rest. Movie and eating smarties sounds like a perfect getaway. Wishing you all the best in 2012.

  4. Yes, I missed you, and, while Smarties themselves may not be considered a food group, chocolate certainly is.
    We have been very quiet here, too, but are taking Lindy on her next road trip in January, to a big hotel this time. You would have driven past Red Deer on your way from/to Edmonton. Dick has two daughters and three grandsons there. We'll be staying at the Red Deer Lodge, where Lindy and I can sit in the lobby to visit strangers (you know how she likes that) while Dick is in the swimming pool with the kids.
    Happy New Year, and don't push yourself too hard.
    Luv, K (hi from Lindy and Dick)

  5. I missed you, too! So glad you are having a rest now. It's still a little crazy at our house! ;)

  6. Hopefully 2012 will be an exiting year with lotsa changes for you!
    Go for it! I know I will!

    I'll be in the Netherlands from Jan.18 till Jan 24... if you're going to be near Rosmalen (Brabant) on any of those days, let me know...

  7. Good luck with learning Norwegian and hope you get enough rest amonsgt your busyness. All the best for the new year.


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