Monday, 12 December 2011

Head spinning

For some reason my boss or the planner or whoever it is that gives me the work, has decided to give me a lot of work. I was off one day only last week and worked both Saturday and Sunday. Long hours as well. On Saturday I had to go to a Yule Market which is big business in Germany. I was headed to Düsseldorf, which is quite close to the Netherlands. I had to leave from a nearby trainstation at 8am and here's how the conversation went when I arrived there:

Woman 1: Is this the bus to Düsseldorf?
Me: Yes it is.
Woman 1: Is this number 21?
Me: No, it isn't.
Woman 1: But this is the bus to Düsseldorf?
Me: Yes, it is.
Woman 2: Is this the bus to Düsseldorf?
Me, Yes, it is.
Woman 2: Is this number 24?
Me: No, it isn't.
Woman 1: But this is the bus to Düsseldorf?
Me (getting quite exasperated by now): Yes, it is.
Woman 1 and Woman 2 simultaneously: So, is this number 21/24?
Man 1: Is this the bus to Düsseldorf?
Me (grinding my teeth by now): Yes. It. Is.
Man 1: Is this number 21?
Me: NO!
Woman 3: Is this the bus for FNV to Düsseldorf?
Me: Yes, it is! Welcome.
Man 1: But you're going to Düsseldorf?
Me: Yes, with the union.
Man 1: What's that?
Me (being helpful even though I was fully fed up with them): Which company have you booked your trip with?
Women and Man: GEBO.
Me: This is Connexxion Tours. (and I won't write down what I was thinking at that point, but I give you a clue: it had something to do with sods)

Anyway, the trip went off without a hitch. I was early everywhere and the return trip was good as well. On Wednesday I am off to Cologne. Another Yule Market!!


  1. I call this Weihnachtsmarkt, lol ! What language is Yule ?
    How funny your conversation with the tourists, apparently you were not the only bus going to Düsseldorf. I know both Christmas markets very well. I prefer the one of Düsseldorf, the one in Köln seems so small.

  2. Did you not have a sign on the bus that said: 'FNV Dusseldorf'? Or were they really, really, really stupid? Reminds me somewhat of a certain hunting competition for certain dogs with certain names...


  3. I have been to the Koln Christmas market, years ago... with a bunch of friends. Had a lot of fun & gluhwein.
    When we returned to our bus, we were missing some other passengers... the bus driver waited for about 30 minutes and then we left.
    Still wonder what happened to them... and what the expression on their faces was, when they realised the bus had left without them... =)

  4. So, was it the bus to Dusseldorf? (ducking for cover)

  5. I would love to be on that bus and going shopping! Those questions would make my head spin too.

  6. What a conversation! I hope you had a very, Merry Christmas. :)


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