Saturday, 13 February 2010


The entrance of the Dutch athletes

Well, I stayed up until 3am (that is three o'clock in the morning!) to watch the opening of the 21st Winter Olympic Games. I had several channels to choose from, all coming with their own commentary. However, Dutch, German, Belgian, French, Italian and Spanish television will all have to translate the used language (English) into their own language, so in the end I opted for the BBC.

Well, what else can I say but: I loved it! It looked fantastic, it looked beautiful. I thought the fact the athletes were able to watch the show was brilliant. The music was great, especially k.d. lang's song, which brought me to tears (I admit it).

The Orange athlete horde

I felt a bit sorry for Catriona Lemay since she didn't have a column to light. I thought Croatia (Jakov Fak), France (Vincent Desfrasne) and Romania (Eva Tofalvi) were brilliant for allowing a biathlete to wave their nation's flag. I had more tears come when Georgia walked in minus Nomar Kumaritashvili. I smiled when I saw several African nations come in and I felt pride when I saw the Dutch team walk in. And according to Hazel Irvine, the Orange Horde/Army was present and drinking lager!

Congratulations to the Canadians for a wonderful opening to the Olympic Games. For the next two weeks the Olympic Flame will be burning...


  1. It was pretty spectacular at times. kd lang does that song really well, and I don't blame you for being moved as it happens to me every time.

  2. I only had to stay up until 12:30am. It was a wonderful show. The death of Nomar is so sad. I would love to see them give his family a medal. How excited he must have been to be there.

  3. I wished that I could see it. We haven't been able to get the channel for 6 months. Sigh.....I look forward to seeing the Olympics. Maybe, I can watch it on the Internet. It is so sad that Nomar died during practice.


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