Friday, 12 February 2010


Lo and behold what did I see yesterday? A possibility to add 'pages' to my blog! So, I added pages to my blog: one where I tell you who I am (previously known as my profile), one where I share my dreams and goals, one with all the books I've read so far (if you click on the red names, it will bring you to a review) and one where I invite all my readers, commenters and followers to leave a little message. Call it a guestbook if you like...

I may add some more in the future: about the best winter desserts for example, or Christmas films, or anything else that tickles my fancy.

Where is your fancy anyway?


  1. Your "Visitors" page, with the Guest Book,doesn't accept comments right now.

  2. Don't you just love Blogger?

  3. So where did you find this. I love when I see this on other blogs.
    Does it have anything to do with Blogger Chrome?


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