Monday, 15 February 2010


I am just now looking through my photos to find an E for this Wednesday's ABC and the only thing I seem to find are cats. Even before I had cats myself, I've taken photographs of them wherever I went! So, here are a few...

This photo was taken in Gozo (a small island off the coast of Malta in the Mediterranean) in 1999. We had planned one excursion and had decided on Gozo: both for the jeep-ride as for the snorkelling. It was a brilliant day out and during lunch I spotted this cat enjoying a nice spot in the shade.

This photo was taken by my sister in 1997, while we were on holiday in Belgium and Luxembourg. The cat looks a lot like Mathilda, just a bit fatter...

This was the resident cat in the Milan youth hostel. Very used to strangers, but also very picky as well. Just like any other cat!


  1. Please check out my Feb. 14th post on Paradise. I think you will like it!

  2. That's funny because I almost did my orange tabby cat (I have 2) as the E word, but I did the hawk. Thank for your comment on the hawk post. I didn't feel as badly as I sometimes do as the hawk caught a starling and they out compete many native birds here. It was an amazing experience and I never see these guys..I just find the feathers...I saw your post above and I am watching you guys host the games...Michelle


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