Wednesday 24 February 2010

Just maybe

Maybe I shouldn't have watched all that sport. Biathlon, skiing, ski-jumping, ski-cross, cross country, speed skating, figure skating, kettle shoving (also known as curling), I have seen them all. And since I am not at work, I don't read a paper and only found out today government had collapsed. New elections are to be held sometime in June.

I'm not really that interested in politics, but I do know I don't want some nut leading my country. So, come June (and March as well, local elections) I will go to the voting station and cast my vote. I will have a choice between about 10 political parties, social democrats, christian democrats, labour, green, socialist, animal, freedom and a couple more.

Maybe I should watch some more news programs!


  1. I heard about it on Canadian Olympic coverage, but to be fair, I heard about it somewhere else first.

  2. If only there was a reasonable choice amongst the political contestants.

  3. Your government collapsed?? Yikes! I didn't know that either. I hope you get somebody decent in at the elections. It's an anxious time.

    I watch so little news these days. I have zero interest in politics, or royalty, or what various celebrities are doing (except one, of course!) and I don't see the point of hearing about the rise in crime etc so I've been turned off it. Probably should pay a little attention though. For all I know, OUR government could collapse too!


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