Wednesday, 3 February 2010


About six weeks ago I wanted to buy myself a new pair of shoes. I don't own that many (one pair I can wear during the winter, two for the summer) and I really needed a new pair. But of course I couldn't find a pair I liked and if I did like them, the cost would keep a third world country fed and clothed and housed for a year! Apart from that, I always have difficulty finding shoes that fit properly. Boots are out, because my calves are a bit too wide. Heels are out, because within two hours my ankles swell up to ginormity and start to hurt. Pointy shoes are out, because they hurt my toes. And when I do find a pair that fit, they are usually in brown or some other hideous colour that will clash with my uniform. So, no luck.

The girl in the shoestore had a sollution for me though: Germany! She actually advised me to go to Germany for shoes. More choice, less money. But when do I ever get to spend any time in Germany. I mean, I go to Germany on a regular basis, but I never have the opportunity to visit a shoe shop. Until this week.

On Monday I had to go to Winterberg. Which is exactly as the name describes: winter on a mountain (Berg is German (and Dutch) for mountain). A lot of snow which was good, since Winterberg makes a living of skiing tourists. Which I had to pick up on Tuesday. Due to some strange instructions I phoned the contact on Monday already and immediately found out that instead of leaving at midday, we were supposed to be leaving at six pm! Which gave me a whole day in town!

I had a lie-in. A lazy breakfast. I took a walk to see how much my coach had been snowed in during the night (see photo). And I found a shoe shop. And some shoes. They were black. They fitted. They had a 1cm (approx. 1/2 inch). They were fantastic. It was a 20% off deal! They are mine!


  1. I don't like shopping for shoes either - tend to wear the same pair for months and then buy another cheap pair in the sales - great that you were able to buy a pair in Germany. It just started snowing here again!

  2. I am impressed that you drive that big coach and I'm glad that you found shoes.
    Sunny :)

  3. I do love a story with a happy ending!

    I'm with you on the shoes thing. I hate shoe shopping, because nothing ever seems to fit me, either! I do have quite a lot of shoes though, because now, when I see a pair that fit, I buy them - even if I don't need them at that moment. LOL!

  4. Glad you were able to find shoes.
    You should always check out the shoes when you go to Germany.

  5. I wonder if I'll ever get to Germany for shoes. No, actually I lie and don't wonder. :)

  6. As a woman with oddly shaped feet, I know all too well the deep satisfaction that is gained from finding a really good pair. My sincerest congratulations!

  7. I want to go to Germany to buy shoes!!

    A lie-in sounds heavenly - I never get to do that around here!


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