Monday, 22 February 2010


One of the things that always drove me wild when I was young and living at home was the sentence either of my parents would utter on occasion: 'Oh, didn't he/she get old?' But lately, I have been catching myself saying that more and more often.

Jellybeans on toast, it is true that you will end up like your mother...


  1. 'Jellybeans on toast' What a great phrase! I have never heard it before.

  2. It happens to us all I think -- either mothers or fathers or both.

  3. It happens....
    Recently I was complaining about the loud music coming from my daughter's room.... I am ashamed: when I was her age i swore I would NEVER complain about loud music....

  4. I'm more and more like my mother every day, and even though I swore I didn't want to be like Mom, now I'm kind of glad I am like her.


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