Thursday, 15 October 2009


Okay, forget not putting the heating on (it's been on for nigh on two weeks now), forget about still wearing summer clothes (it's autumn) and forget about having ice-cream after dinner (although a nice cinnamon ice-cream with whipped cream...).

Last night it was freezing in the Netherlands. Literally! Temperatures dropped below zero (Celsius, not a clue about Fahrenheit) as far back as minus five! But I was still wearing my summer coat, even though my gloves were already in my pockets. And my duvet was only the autumn one, albeit with an extra blanket.

I can tell you that as of today: it's the winter duvet, the winter coat (including gloves and blue scarf) and an extra pair of socks and a cardigan when I'm home alone. Now I'm just waiting for the proper frost and snow and don't worry: I've got plenty more blankets to keep warm...


  1. Shiver for sure!!! No thank you, I don't want any of that. Love the picture!

  2. Yikes how cold will it get by January

  3. Yikes! And I was complaining yesterday because it's going to get down into the 50's here in Florida this weekend! Guess I better be grateful! Stay warm!!!

  4. I think weather here and there is similar right now. Just wait until you get to Alberta.

  5. hehehe, were you on your way to rob the DSB? Too late!
    I'm glad you live nowhere near me, you would scare me shitless. No temperature can be low enough to have a good excuse for wearing something like that. Sorry ;-)

  6. You look so cute - and warm! :)


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