Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fun in the sun!

Well, not really: I've hardly seen the sun these last few days: drizzle and rain on the other hand...

Yesterday my whole schedule was changed last minute. Instead of one trip (which was cancelled), I had to do another trip. Which lasts for three days! So, instead of sitting at home with my cats around me watching Grease on television, I'm sitting in a hotel near the German and Belgium border, but still in the Netherlands watching Grease on television! It's quite a small family hotel in a small mountain village (280m above sea level) in the south of the country.

Last night it was a Golden Tulip hotel with a television that was hard to work, but with a gorgeous dessert which I had in a lounging chair in front of said television!

Today I took the group to a brewery and that was about it. Well, this morning I picked them up from the base and took them to their digs for the night: a whole 80km away! Tomorrow we're going somewhere, but I don't know where yet and after that I will take them back to base again.

So, my three day trip turns out to be quite easy! Even if I have to sleep in hotels...


  1. I enjoy hotels. I guess because it is a place that I never have to clean!

  2. Sounds like a reasonably relaxing gig.

  3. It sounds like an adventure to me!
    Hope the sun comes out for you.
    Sunny :)

  4. At least you are in a very attractive part of the Netherlands.


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