Monday, 5 October 2009

I don't like you!

Since it was World's Animal Day yesterday, I thought I would show some photos I took yesterday. The KLM doesn't just transport people across the world, they also transport animals. However, they didn't have any animals 'in stock' for the open house, so they must have raided a local petting zoo! Here we have two billy goats. They reeeeeaaaaaally like each other...

Here they are locking horns to kick one another out of the ring!

This went on all through the pen, they were chasing each other and it didn't matter if other animals (like the camel, walibi, rabbit, ducks, sheep, cow, llama, donkey or pig) got in the way...


  1. Thank you for sharing. I didn't even know it was a special day!

  2. they are so fun and in love, hee hee

  3. I spotted a pony! Or is it a very tiny camel?
    Don't goats get headaches?


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