Saturday 31 October 2009

Dressing up!

Well, because today is Hallowe'en, I've decided to post a photo of myself all dressed up. I had quite a bit of choice, but in the end I chose this photo. It was taken by a professional photographer while I worked for Club Med in Tignes, France. I am dressed and made up for the "Rocky Horror Show". I was one of the chorus girls, but was completely in the front of the line-up (to the chagrin of the choreographer who was behind me). It had been put together by a German ski-teacher who liked me and my outfit looked absolutely stunning: Madonna bra, hotpants (with gold opaque tights though) and high heels.

I also put up my hair. It was quite long in those days and I would completely brush it forward, put half a toilet roll on my head and then cover it with hair again. Lots of kirby grips and even more hairspray would make it look fantastic. At the end of the evening it would take me about two hours to get it back to normal to avoid a splitting headache! The make-up (as you cannot see) is heavy and black.

Happy Hallowe'en!!!


  1. Wow, you look awesome. Just can't picture you dressed like that!

  2. That's quite a tranformation! Very cool.
    Sunny :)

  3. My goodness, you certainly get into the Halloween spirit.

  4. How neat! You look great! Like a doll! :)

  5. Wow - look at you!! You look like a professional Rocky Horror actress! And you look great! I don't think I'd have looked that good, even as a teenager!

    Great picture!


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