Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Linette also liked to watch tv!
I might have told you once that I am quite partial to a bit of tv. In fact I am very partial to a bit of tv. I watch it a lot. And living in the Netherlands was brilliant: I had the choice between Dutch, Belgian, German and British channels, plus some others. And then I moved. To Norway.

In Norway (so far anyway) I have the choice between Norwegian, Swedish and British. However, where in the Netherlands I had the choice between BBC1-4 + BBC Entertainment, over here, there's only BBC Entertainment Nordic edition(!), BBC Lifestyle and a few other choice BBC channels I hardly watch. 

Which meant no Strictly Come Dancing for me at the end of last year, no Doctor Who Christmas Special (although I did receive that one in the mail by a very nice well-wisher I have yet to meet) and no Russell Howard, DIY SOS, Mrs Brown's Boys and a lot of other programs. I do get to see QI though. To infinity and beyond actually, since they broadcast it on the Nordic edition every single day. Over and over and over and over! 

When I move, I have to get a television and internet deal. And if money allows, I will go for a satellite dish. Just to be able to see the programs I want on the BBC. 

Mind you, Norwegian television isn't bad. It shows a lot of the shows I like: NCIS, NCIS LA, Person of Interest (with a lovely Jim Caviezel), Bones, Rizzoli and Isles and several other shows. Plus of course some Norwegian programs, the 'race around the earth' one, the 'we go up to the Arctic circle' one and some game show about two former sport stars. And of course biathlon!!

Right now I am watching (well listening to) QI though. On the letter C!! And I think I have seen this episode already...


  1. I love Person of Interest! I hope you are able to get a dish. I enjoy our evening television but also we have movie channels I keep on all day while blogging. My daughters dog Charlie watches tv all the time and goes crazy over the animals.

  2. We have been watching Damages on Netflix lately. It's quite rivetting. We're on season 5, the last in the series -- or at least the last on Netflix.

  3. I like Person of Interest, too! When I lived alone, I watched a lot of TV, and that was okay with me!


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