Friday, 1 March 2013

The key

Everything in life has its place. And when you move, things loose their place. They have to be found a new place. Take my battery loader. It used to be in my fruitbowl-that-hadn't-been-used-as-a-fruitbowl-for-ages or somewhere in my work room. I knew it was around somewhere. Until I moved to Norway and it somehow mysteriously disappeared. It probably is in a box somewhere, but since I haven't opened them all and don't even have them all here... I got myself a new loader. Which sits on my desk.

Anyway. I had to work last night. I would be finished at 00.46am and then it was straight home. No need to take the key back to the office (the bus washer would do that) or the shift book (I had made a copy). I would be home by 1am. And I was. Or at least I nearly was. Because as I was nearing the house I started rooting around in my right jacket pocket. The jacket pocket that is assigned to hold the key to my apartment. All I found however were tissues, a glove (the right one) and a button. No key.

It took me about five seconds to realise where the key was: at the office. So, I trudged back down the hill and to the office. Of course there was nobody there, since all the drivers had already gone home. And without somebody else with a key to the office I couldn't get in. Since my key to the office is (you guessed it) on the same keyring as the key to my apartment! So, I trudged back to the diesel area. Where I fortunately found two people still working. Fuelling up and cleaning the buses. They had a key to the office. 

The key to everything is organisation. And keys should not be left in the lock of my locker, they should be put back in my right jacket pocket immediately after using. And as soon as I get the key to my new place? A spare will be made and carried in my bag!


  1. Good idea. I put my keys always in the same place. The trouble is, the place changes !

  2. Oh my....that was not fun at all! I was thinking about your boxes that you haven't unpacked and I imagine they should just stay that way since you will be moving before you know it.

  3. I'm glad someone was still there! I was locked out once before, with the girls, in the rain. It's one of the reasons I wanted a key pad remote for our garage...but then as you know I almost got locked out anyway!


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