Sunday, 17 March 2013


I am not often sick. Yes, of course I complain about these infernal headaches and sinusitis bouts that keep coming back, but they are hardly worth skipping work for. The last time I actually missed a week's work was durning my first bout of sinusitis, when I wasn't really sure what was going on. The time before that was when I was 11 and I had the flu. So, I have been doing pretty well in the sick-department.

On Friday night I had a night with the girls. One of my female colleagues had just moved in to her new home and had invited several of us over for a night in. Food, cake, drinks (the non-alcoholic ones) and of course chat. About colleagues, men and whatever else took our fancy (something with a sheep and a dildo, but we blamed that on my lack of Norwegian). There was nothing wrong with me then. I ate normally, I drank normally (fizzy drink with the flavour of bubble gum) and was completely fine.

Yesterday I woke up early and had a headache. Nothing new there. I took some paracetamols and went back to bed. When I got up for real I got behind the computer to play some Facebook Bingo. I couldn't finish it, spending some time in my bathroom. I was hot, then cold, wanted to sit, then stand, needed to throw up and then didn't. After the nap I took during the afternoon I felt a whole lot better. I was able to eat again, so I had some toast and jam and some yoghurt. I went to bed last night headache free and feeling great. 

This morning I woke up and had to run. Diarrhea! Went back to bed, woke up again, had to run again and this time took a bucket with me as well: throwing up everything in my stomach. Which wasn't much!

So far the only thing I've had today is orange juice. I managed to keep some down, but part of it went straight through. Not my finest day in Norway I can tell you! Sitting up (like now) is not the best to do, so I had to fold out the sofabed (see photo at the top). I will take it easy today and then get back to work tomorrow. I know these things usually only last a day or so. 

I will get myself some weak tea next and perhaps a little glass of water with salt and sugar, I remember my father taking that years ago. Anyway, just take a bit of pity on me. Please?


  1. I hope it's not the gastric flu ! We have a lot of people sick with that they even talked about it on TV !
    Wish you all the best !

  2. Lindy and I are feeling very sorry for you. Or else Lindy is missing Dick, who went out in the car. Well, I'll say she's feeling sorry for you, not for herself, because that sounds better. Right?
    Take good care of yourself, and just be glad you're not in Belgium where Gattina is.
    Love, K

  3. Yes....drink plenty of water.
    Feel better soon!


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