Saturday, 2 March 2013


Taken last week when nothing was wrong. Yet...
I knew for a fact I had thrown it out with all the old furniture I wasn't taking with me to Norway. I had stuffed it in a rubbish bag to be taken to the tip. Of course I should have known better. Because...

It found me. Moving over a 1000 kilometers didn't keep it away. It took some time catching up, but catch up it did. I never notice it until it is too late. I don't get the usual signs everybody else gets. In my case it just sneaks up on me and then hits me. 

I am talking about sinusitis of course. Normal people get colds and then suffer from sinusitis. I just get sinusitis. Without the cold. No sneezing and sniffing for me. Just debilitating headaches. And by the time I realise I have sinusitis, it's three days in!

Fortunately I had packed some steaming capsules before leaving the Netherlands and before I went to bed last night I used two of them. Immediately I felt a lot better. I took two more paracetamols before going to sleep and this morning I woke up with only a hint of a headache and a heavy feeling in my upper cheeks. 

The headache didn't come back today. It was just a hint all day. I did get some more paracetamol though. Just in case...


  1. Good for you! At least you knew where to find the paracetamol. We are still clearing out, throwing away and setting aside for THE BIG GARAGE SALE. Date of actual moving of furniture is Mar. 14th. I am striving to keep everything from one spot in the old house together, and labeling boxes so that I can find it when it is moved to the new house.
    SO glad you are feeling better. Sinusitis is worse than a cold -- more painful.

  2. Fortunately you had the solution at hand.

  3. Sorry for you, that's an awful feeling ! Hope it doesn't last long !

  4. So sorry about that :( Glad you had your medication and it helped!


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