Friday, 22 March 2013

All new!

My new car in front of my new house
As I was lying in bed Wednesday morning I was wondering what time I would need to catch the bus to get my car. And then I remembered I had to work. And the car was to be picked up on Thursday!

Thursday morning I decided the bus to take was the 11.10am one. It would take me about 90 minutes to get to the dealer where I got my car from and then I could take a leisurely ride home. Which I did. I arrived, payed for the car, took the car and drove back. Stopped off at Åkra to check on my furniture (it was still there and looked good) and then got the toll thing sorted at a petrol station. Whenever I will drive to work I will pass two toll stations and instead of getting bills in the post, I want to pay as I go. I think. Not quite sure what we agreed on now, but I will find out in due time. 

After the toll thing was dealt with I decided to have a little looksie at my new place. The weather was gorgeous, the traffic light and the house looked as good as before. I wasn't able to get in of course, since I won't get the key for another month, but I was able to check out the garden and take some photographs. 

The chicken coop
The garden is, as I said before, slightly bigger than the one I had back in the Netherlands, but it isn't a straight garden. It seems to be square, just that it has some curves as well! There was one other structure in the garden and I wondered what it was. Turned out to be a chicken coop! Filled with chicken wire, so if I want (and get a fine looking chicken poop scooper), I could get me some chickens! 

There is also a little hill in the garden. Which I couldn't not climb of course. So I did. And had a nice view over the surrounding country and seaside! I think I really struck gold on this property and I can't wait to move in. 

View of the garden from the hill
With regards to the white goods I will need (stove, washing machine and fridge being the most important), I have had a bit of luck as well. A colleague has a stove and a fridge I can have, for free! They are used, he doesn't know whether the oven on the stove still works, but it will help me save up some more money to get exactly what I want. 

The furniture is another matter. I could get used stuff and I still might, but I have seen some nice furniture today that I would really like. The most important, to me anyway, is a couch. Ever since I first saw one at my brother's I have wanted a nice corner couch and they are quite popular over here as well. So, with a bit of saving I hope I will be able to buy something new that I like. Fingers crossed. 

Looking through the kitchen window
Now, all this buying of cars and furniture and stuff will cost a lot of money of course. And as luck will have it, next week is Easter. And I didn't have to work. And now I am! Meaning overtime, meaning extra money, meaning more savings! 

Life is good!


  1. This house and the surroundings look really very nice ! It looks so cozy in its red color ! And now you are free to drive wherever you want to without waiting for a bus ! You really get well settled in ! And moving in May is an ideal months !

  2. Hooray for extra house and overtime!
    I am so in love with your home. I can't wait for you to move in. Congratulations on getting your car. Sounds like it was a great day!

  3. It all sounds like a dream come true,, car, fridge and stove, now overtime for furniture money. I'm so happy for you, and the house looks wonderful. Who wouldn't climb a little hill for a sea view? When I was a teenager, we had a lake view if we climbed up the mountain behind the house. Fortunately, it was a fairly small mountain (not the Rockies, not the Alps).
    Wishing you continued good luck with your nesting, although I'm not sure what I think about chickens. What about the winter? Would you have to bring them into the house?
    Luv, K


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